Andrew Cornell Robinson

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Andrew, 2017

Andrew Cornell Robinson is a contemporary artist who creates sculptural assemblages comprised of ceramic and mixed media juxtaposed with expressive prints and paintings that coalesce in works alluding to myth, ritual and memory. He creates objects and images with a rich attention to materiality coupled with narratives that explore relationships, power inequities and personal histories. His work is often based on memories from his childhood or on historical subject matter that he revises through the artifacts that he creates.
Robinson’s latest project, translates his interests in revisionist histories, mythology and memory through a series of tableaux comprised of paintings, prints and ceramics that explore secular shrines and reliquaries.
He studied ceramic sculpture at the Glasgow School of Art and the Maryland Institute College of Art where he received a BFA. He was awarded an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, where he became interested with the intersection of memory, identity, politics and power.
He has been featured in many publications including Sculpture Magazine, Huffington Post, Hyperallergic, Art Info, et al. He has participated in curatorial and research projects and recently was a participating artist in Debtfair a project in the 2017 Whitney Biennial. Andrew has also worked on collaborations with designers such as Donna Karan’s Urban Zen project where his work in ceramics led to workshops with artisans in Haiti and the creation of a ceramic studio in Port au Prince. He is currently working with The Powerhouse Workshop and their design team from the Pritzker-prize winning architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron in the design and development of a contemporary industrial fabrication center established to serve the working needs of artists in New York City.
Robinson received an Edward F. Albee fellowship residency. He was a visiting artist with Urban Zen, in Port Au Prince, Haiti and a resident artist at the Agastya Foundation, in Bangalore, India. He is also the recipient of the Urban Glass Merit Scholarship, 2017. He is currently a member of the faculty at Parsons School of Design and Greenwich House Pottery in New York City. His work has been presented extensively throughout the world with the Anna Kustera Gallery, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Christopher Stout Gallery, Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Baltimore Contemporary Museum of Art (Maryland), Ross Art Museum (Ohio), the Crafts Council (United Kingdom), Saint Joseph’s University (Pennsylvania) and many more.
Robinson lives and works in New York City.

About the Work

I aim to create collections of artifacts and images composed into a network of signs that may convey a feeling as much as an idea through the form, its material and the process of its making. I primarily work with ceramic, sculpture, drawing and printmaking to generate editions of images and artifacts for each project. Sometimes collaboration and performance fit into the process. Making is time based. I typically begin a project with research that is often historical in nature and driven by a fictionalized character derived from design personae. A persona is a tool typically used by industrial designers to help them identify needs and goals for the situations they are designing for. I started using personae periodically in my work, inorder to get out of my own way. Approaching the work in this way enables me to reexamine memory and shared histories while imposing some sort of emotional distance between myself the the subject matter. Sometimes the work comes out of an intuitive response to my personal history other times it is a response to the larger world and the events occuring in our own time. When I make an artifact, a drawing, a print, its all part of a larger performance, and transforming a response is a sort of metaphor for a larger system of objects and ideas that derives meaning from its backstory as much as from its media, and its making.


Andrew and Daryl, 1969