Eternal Misunderstandings in the Car Park

is an outdoor exhibition in conjunction with the Bushwick Open Studios


Misunderstanding is predicated on meeting each other. It only occurs when you are trying to know and understand the other party.


The artists in this exhibition each take risks in their work, from abstractions that fall apart and coalesce to symbols that lose meaning in translation. And yet it is this willingness that each of these makers have to take a risk at being misunderstood in their efforts to cover new ground outside of the comfort zone that enables discovery.  Carl Jung described it best when he said, “Where you stumble and fall, there you find pure gold.”


Interested in the manipulation of materials and ideas and the practical aspects of how things come together to create visual surprise, Jim Osman and Hee Chan Kim each explore abstraction in playful ways that challenge physical and visual balance. Building upon formal abstraction, Alva Cal y Mayor, Michael Kirk, Andrew Cornell Robinson and Michael Tong each manipulate form and material to peel the onion layers back on symbols, exploring cultural memory and personal narratives whose meanings risk being lost in translation but continue to engage us with visually charged moments of crafted material and form. From wood, glass, ceramic, metal and stone each of these makers explore and push their work to create meaningful misunderstandings and sublime visual moments of truth.


Saturday 31 May from 12 - 7pm and Sunday 1 June from 12 - 4pm


Car Park at 18-66 Troutman Street, Ridgewood, New York, 11385

Location #262 in the Bushwick Open Studios map and directory