Artists / Room #

Fanny Allié  / 1D                          
Ina Archer / 4D                 
Anney Bonney / 3C                  
Eddie Chu / 2C                
Greg Climer / 4A                
Paul D'Agostino / 1G                
Blane De St. Croix / 2B              
Brenda Garand / 3D               
Julien Gardair  / 1F                
Jeffrey Goldstein / 3B                
Frank Holliday / 1E                
Roxanne Jackson / 2D               
Carter Kustera / 1B  
Alva Cal y. Mayor / 2E                  
Jim Osman / 1A                
Natalia Porter / 4C                
Timo Rissanen / 5A                
Andrew Cornell Robinson / 2A                
Elise Siegel / 1C                
Diana Shpungin / 2F                
Yon Tande / 3E                
Kate Teale / 3A
Brian Andrew Whiteley / 4B      

 Selected Installation Details


Diana Shpungin

Andrew Cornell Robinson (Top), Jim Osman (Bottom)

Alva Cal y. Mayor peering into her room

Brian Andrew Whiteley

Greg Climer

Brenda Garand

Frank Holliday

Elise Siegel

Fanny Allié

Eddie Chu

Julien Gardair

Jeffrey Goldstein

Alva Cal Y Mayor

Paul D'Agostino

Carter Kustera

Kate Teale

Ina Archer

Anney Bonney

Timo Rissanen (Foreground), Anney Bonney (Background)

Timo Rissanen

Yon Tande

Blane De St. Croix

Roxanne Jackson

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