Trevor King, Yellow Minoan Bottle, stoneware and underglaze, 4’10” x 26” x 22”

An exhibition of contemporary ceramics and prints

Artists: Emily Noelle Lambert, Cem Kocyildirim, Jane Warrick, Anjuli Wright, Suzy Goodelman, Trevor King, Matt Nolen, Michiko Shimada, Colin J. Radcliffe, Kathryn Robinson-Millen, Nina L. Picon, Nicolas Touron, Liadain Warwick Smith, Zac Hacmon

Curated by Andrew Cornell Robinson


Equity Gallery

245 Broome Street, New York, NY 10002


December 11th — December 22nd

Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 11th, 6 PM — 8 PM


Extended Hours:

Monday — Friday, 11 AM — 8 PM

Saturday:  12 PM — 9 PM

Sunday: 12 PM — 7 PM


Equity Gallery is pleased to present LIMITED EDITIONS, a two week exhibition/art fair hybrid which highlights works made in multiples, primarily contemporary ceramics and printmaking. The exhibition aims to combat the often impenetrable and exclusionary nature of the artworld, in part by showcasing the versatility of art associated with traditional crafts and design.


Instead of eschewing the familiar, almost utilitarian roots commonly related to the mediums in which they work, the artists featured in LIMITED EDITIONS expand upon and embrace these elements. Ironically, they are able to synthesize the most unconventional, unexpected, and at times, subversive, aspects of their work through this methodology, in both form and subject matter.


Each artwork deftly walks the line between the orthodox and the experimental, between decor and fine art. This delicate balancing act lends the work a type of instantaneous approachability often distinctly missing in more conventional “fine art” forms while still retaining an inventive sensibility. This, in combination with the work’s affordability, makes for an ideal entry point for frequently ignored emerging art connoisseurs. The accessible yet artistically provocative nature of the artworks enables developing collectors to establish and embrace their own aesthetics and tastes.