Marat Mahākāla

This project is a result of a collaboration between Andrew Cornell Robinson and Michael Kirk with help from students of Parsons and Cooper Union. This project is part of a new series I am engaging in, which includes individual and multidisciplinary collaborations mediated through a persona narrative. This print installation started with a discussion between my friend Michael Kirk about two photographs I made exploring the life and ethos of the French revolutionary Jean Paul Marat. further discussions led to a meditation on Mahākāla a protective figure in Buddhism. The idea emerged to combine the two ideas through the layered images of over twelve different silk screens.

Marat Mahākāla, 2014, Silkscreen, wheat paste installation, 108 x 300 inches.

Sculpture by Michael Tong (forground) Marat Mahākāla by Andrew Cornell Robinson and Michael Kirk (background)



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